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Hannah Reads

My little girl Hannah is just about embarking on her next beautiful journey: learning to read.  The fact that she cannot read as fluently as her brother Ethan did when he was her age last time does not bother me one bit.

Ethan was a fast reader and could already string words together before he was 3.  Hannah on the other hand is doing a great job sounding the sounds alphabets make, but at one point, she was frustrated because she could not put these sounds together to form words.

I’m not concerned because as long as I know she is healthy and having fun learning stuff, I’m happy too.  But lately I realized that Hannah could pick up reading more easily and readily when she reads a story repetitively, or when the story is read to her repeatedly.

Here, she is reading one of the books she borrowed from the library.  With fun graphics and easy-to-read words, it’s an excellent start to boost her confidence and jumpstart her on the reading bandwagon.

I love her expressive words!


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