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Ethan’s New Baby Sitter

Ethan has a new baby sitter, however the baby sitter is only available in our house.  Check it out: 

Look at how much he enjoys playing with it!  Hehehe… that’s the wooden educational toy we bought for Ethan from Ikea…psssst! Great for adults too!  Pete set up the toy on Saturday night and we introduced it to Ethan on Sunday.  He was intrigued immediately and was playing with it quietly for a good half an hour while I took my shower and did some household chores.  And after we came back from church, Ethan immediately headed for that toy and began playing with it intently again.  We’re not sure how long this craze will last, but for now, it’s as good as a baby sitter at home.

  1. huisia’s avatar

    my jo loves this too…:)

    Joyce says: Looks like it is a popular toy, eh?


  2. sss1979’s avatar

    his hair so short… how it has been cut?

    Joyce says: We got the hairdresser to shave his head with the No. 2 razor. Makes for a cool crew cut, no?


  3. Angeleyes’s avatar

    He looked so different here… grown up so much….
    The new toy look interesting maybe will go Ikea for a peep next week!

    Joyce says: Different compared to? Maybe it’s the *intelligent* toy…? Yup, do check the toy out at Ikea…



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