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Mommy (featuring Ethan Boy as Guest Blogger)

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Last month, Mommy told me that Rinnah jie-jiehad tagged me. I asked Mommy what a tag is, and she gave me a really LONG and complicated explanation which I don’t really understand. After some time, I finally found out that all Rinnah jie-jie wanted was to get to know Mommy a little bit better. She wanted me to list down eight facts about Mommy.

  1. Mommy has given me the best nutrition ever: yummy breastmilk! I am proud to proclaim that I was exclusively breastfed for 6 months and even after I started on solids, Mommy continued breastfeeding me. I only started taking some formula milk when I was 15.5 months’ old but you know what, just between you and me, it sure doesn’t taste as good as Mommy’s milk!
  2. Mommy loves music. And it shows, because she has such a very sweet voice. I love it when she sings to me. She sings when she is dressing me up, and she sings when she is tucking me in for the night. My favorite songs are “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”, “In His Time”, “The Wheels on the Bus” and the theme song from Little Einsteins. Christmas is coming soon, and I know I am looking forward to all the Christmas carols Mommy will be singing then. Sometimes I hear Mommy and Daddy discussing something about karaokay singing. I don’t know what that is, but it appears that Mommy is pretty into that as well. Mommy can dance very well too. I hope to take after her ability one day. I learnt that Mommy performed in front of large crowds for some concert before. But I am still a beginner. For starters, I am trying to learn the Mouskadance from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I can stomp my feet very well to the rhythm and I love it when Mommy joins in too. She also likes to do the waltz and rumba with me… I can’t wait to learn other dance genres, which I hope Mommy will be teaching me soon. Oh yeah, Mommy also plays the piano! It’s too bad that we don’t have a piano here in Penang but when I visited Ah Ma and Ah Kong in Ipoh, Mommy played a few tunes on the piano there and also allowed me to have a go at it. It really made me feel like a maestro!
  3. Mommy is good in the kitchen. I have tasted her claypot chicken rice and it is sensational. Even her plain porridge tastes good. She also can make great soup. Well, everything tastes super good when Mommy cooks them and feeds it to me.
  4. Mommy smells good all the time. Sometimes I cannot tahan and I kiss her on the cheek. I like to see the marks I make on her cheek when I do that, but I don’t know why she always says “Ouch!” when I kiss her. Even her hair smells heavenly. So heavenly that I can’t resist chomping on it. I don’t know why Mommy and Daddy keep telling me “No” when I put some of Mommy’s hair in my mouth.
  5. Mommy loves shopping, and now I do too! Mommy and Daddy take me shopping every weekend. Our favorite haunt is Queensbay Mall, and I especially love it when Daddy drives us up and down the ramp leading to the multi-storey car park. Because of the uneven surface of the ramp, it makes me go “Aaaaaahhhhhh……” and I love doing so because it makes my voice vibrate as the car moves 🙂 It’s just fun fun fun!!!
  6. Mommy has so many handbags and purses. She sometimes allows me to play with her wallet, which is a bright red Coach wallet. Red is my favorite color, so that explains why I love it so much. Inside Mommy’s wallet, there are so many cards for me to play with. There’s something about cards that make me happy. Mommy sometimes asks me to get Daddy’s credit card from him, but I don’t know which one it is yet. I’m attracted to the gold ones though.
  7. Mommy loves to watch TV. I think her favorite programs right now are Desperate Housewives and America’s Next Top Model, when she’s not watching the Playhouse Disney Channel with me. Because of Mommy’s preference for these programs, I am also drawn to these programs now. And you know, I do find them interesting because there are so many pretty girls in those shows! Heh. My eyes will light up with excitement and I will clap my hands with glee when I hear the theme songs of those two programs come on.
  8. Mommy is a very generous person. She always shares her meal with me when we go out, with the exception of Friday’s of course… at Friday’s, I get one whole plate of spaghetti all to myself (see how happy I am in that photo above? That was from our last visit to Friday’s)! One of my favorite meals is Old Town’s Chicken Hor Fun, which Mommy always orders and shares with me. I love how Mommy twirls the koay teow around the chopsticks and feeds them to me. I love how the koay teow slides down my throat when I take a mouthful of it. That’s why I hardly chew it.  Lately, I heard Mommy commenting to Daddy that she may need to order one whole bowl for me next time. Goody! Hehe… more for me to eat! But I can’t wait to taste the really authentic kai see hor fun from Mommy’s hometown, Ipoh. She tells me that that’s really, really good.

Completing this tag means I get to find out what my other friends feel about their mommies too. So I am passing the baton on to:

Wei Xuan
Sze Yi

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    What a splendid post, Ethan boy! You’ll be a blogger when you grow up. I just *know* it. Hehe.

    Now I know all about your mommy! She’s super-dee-duper nice!

    Ethan Boy says: Thank you Rinnah jie-jie! I can’t wait to meet you, and neither can Mommy! 😀


  2. WS’s avatar

    It will be fun to see how Ethan and Ching Ern react on “Little Einsteins” song…It’s Ern’s fav too..

    Joyce says: Yes, let’s try that for our next playgroup!


  3. ablogaway’s avatar

    oh oh, I just got tagged! Hehe, I’ll do it, but I still owe you one on her name, so paiseh 🙂 That’s still in the plan, you know, although would be very outdated by then. Good to learn more about you, Super Mom!

    Joyce says: Eh? I actually emailed you to tell you you’ve been tagged on this one. Never mind, take your time.



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