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This is the way I comb my hair

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Lately, Ethan has taken a liking to combing his hair. Yes, even with the very little and fine hair he has, Ethan still enjoys holding the comb and combing his hair over and over again. I first noticed him doing that during our recent KL trip. He must have noticed his Daddy performing this combing action and is imitating him. Ethan would walk over to our dressing table, reach for Daddy’s comb (yes, he can reach now), retrieve it and comb his hair with it. When we try to take the comb away from him, he would protest loudly. Whenever he sees Daddy combing his hair, Ethan would be enthralled and would want to do the same too.

So I dug out one of the small hotel souvenir combs I had in my collection and gave it to Ethan for him to practise combing. Ah…the little little things that make him glad 🙂

  1. chinnee’s avatar

    hehe…so fine his hair..act it is easy to make our lil ones happy, just like how qiqi used to love box instead of the toy in it!

    Joyce says: You’re right! And you know, he got his fine fine hair from me!


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Kids love to imitate the adults! *grin* So cute… Ethan wants to comb his hair. Most boys run away from the comb… Ethan runs to the comb! LOL!

    Joyce says: I didn’t know most boys run away from the comb – is that true?


  3. Vien’s avatar

    It’s good that he likes to comb his hair. Belle is such a messy girl..sometimes she refuses to let us comb her.

    Joyce says: Haha… I guess Ethan takes after Daddy… oops!


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    so cute lah!!! good thing Ethan uses a comb – Bryan uses his spade from the sand bucket haw haw

    Joyce says: A spade??!! Well, just make sure the spade is clean then.


  5. Everyday Healy’s avatar

    So nice… after comb comb, handsome ler…. love ya sweetie! 🙂

    Joyce says: He he, thanks Healy!


  6. huisia’s avatar

    he really happy, maybe can ask him comb for you. i bet more sweeter than combing by your hubby.

    Joyce says: He would just pull my hair out!


  7. WS’s avatar

    he knows what make him look more leng chai…

    Joyce says: Haha…getting vainer huh?


  8. ablogaway’s avatar

    wah, what a handsome boy 🙂

    Joyce smiles 🙂


  9. rinnah’s avatar

    So far in my experience, only Ethan and Nicky (my nephew) likes to comb their hair. All my other nephews have perpetually messy hair and they resist efforts by their mothers to comb / brush their hair and make them look neater.

    Joyce says: Like I said, maybe he takes after Daddy.



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