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Hannah at 31 months

hannah_31monthsScrap Credits
365 Project Part 6 Collab Kit from Line & Ninie


13.5 kilos




Still 15 teeth: 4 incisors on the upper jaw, 3 incisors bottom jaw.  2 canines upper jaw, 2 canines bottom jaw.  4 pramolars.  4 more back pramolars have not made their appearance.

Developmental Milestones

  • Hannah’s scribblings and drawings are sometimes taking shape.  She would come and show me what she has drawn: sometimes it is a flower, sometimes a tree, sometimes an animal.  Oh, she loves animals!
  • Likes to help me around the house.  For example, “Mommy, come, I help you keep the vacuum cleaner!”
  • Hannah imitates what we do really really well.  The other day, she watched me make cake pops and then later that evening, she was “serving” me Lego cake pops, all with different flavors!
  • Still wants to do almost everything by herself: buckling up her seat belt, putting on her clothes.
  • Loves to read and to be read to.
  • Can participate in church by singing the “Alleluia!” together with her brother. 🙂
  • Hannah is still sometimes a little shy around strangers but when we start walking away from them, she’ll immediately ask, “Mommy, who is THAT?”

Toilet Training

Toilet/potty training is still ongoing.  Hannah has shown a really keen interest on going to pee in the toilet and sometimes she would tell me she wants to pee.  Her chart is filling up relatively fast and she has since obtained two rewards (of which I will share in a separate post).

I’m happy to note that poopoo accidents are becoming lesser now, and I was very pleased that she was even able to tell me on one occasion that she had the “poopoo feeling” when she had diarrhea.

Next step: I will be introducing training pants for her soon!  Yay!!

Food and Feeding

Very adventurous when it comes to food, Hannah will ask to “Let me try” whatever we are eating.  She even enjoyed the kiam chye boey I cooked the other day.  She loves dragon fruit now and will eat so fast, we have to hurry up and eat some too, lest we don’t have any left for ourselves.


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