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Ethan goes Christmas shoppin’

We were at Harvey Norman’s last weekend because Daddy wanted to get a wireless mouse.  And Ethan was all excited when we were there.  I wonder if it’s a guy thing… well anyways, he checked out the comfy rocking chair, the carpets, but most of all I was rather intrigued that he checked a few of these out:

Scrap Credits
Secret Stuff papers, alphas & bow from
Tinsels, doodles and tree from Lindsay Jane Designs

Is that what he wants to get Daddy and Mommy for Christmas, you think?  A plasma TV? 🙂

  1. vivianz’s avatar

    he must be hoping for a Plasma TV for Xmas present. Great to watch Cartoon leh…

    Joyce says: Aha! That must be it!


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Wahhh… if he can pick plasma tv this year, what will it be next year? Daddy’s long awaited Beemer? *grin*

    Joyce says: And what about Mommy? I get a Beetle to match? 😛


  3. Shireen’s avatar

    Wah, Ethan sure ‘sek for’ (knows how to choose good stuff) eh?

    Joyce says: It must be in his genes 😛


  4. michelle’s avatar

    Looks like Ethan wants to the TV home for Christmas.

    Joyce says: He is hinting, is it?


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