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Ethan goes to the movies!

Two weeks ago, I decided to take Ethan to the movies for a treat.  His school was closed on that day, so we headed off to Queensbay Mall to catch Toy Story 3.  Check out his happy and excited face:


Unfortunately though, all the tickets were sold out and so we had to walk away disappointedly 🙁

Of course, to appease him, we hung around Queensbay Mall for a little while longer and did some fun stuff.


And I promised him I would take him to the movies some other day.

Little did I know that the screening of Toy Story 3 ended on that very same day, so I was left to look for other suitable kids’ movies.

..which was when I heard about Despicable Me.  The title sure doesn’t sound very kid-friendly, but I read a few reviews and apparently it was deemed more suitable for kids compared to Toy Story 3.  Plus, a few of my friends had watched it, and gave their thumbs up.

So yesterday, since Ethan’s school had declared a holiday/rest day following their school sports day on Sunday, my boy and I trotted off to the cinema to catch a movie.  It was Ethan’s first ever experience watching a movie, and we could tell he was really hyped up about it.  The night before, he had exclaimed, “Yay!  Tomorrow we’ll go and watch a movie!”  He even proudly told our neighbors in the elevator that we were going to catch a movie.

We were a little bit apprehensive about bringing Ethan to the movies before, because at home when he is watching TV, he would ask to change the channel every now and then.  And we ALL know changing channels is not to be heard of in movies, right? 😛

But just last week, he managed to sit through an entire movie session of Toy Story 2 on my laptop, so we figured he must be ready.

So anyway, to make perfectly sure we had tickets, I had booked the tickets online and collected them a day before the movie.  Before we left the house, Ethan reminded me over and over again to bring the tickets.


We arrived in Queensbay Mall and had a quick chicken rice lunch, after which Ethan said we should hurry to the cinema before the show starts. Got ourselves some popcorn, and headed into the cinema.

I got back row seats, so we could exit quietly if need be, but there was really no reason for concern.  At first, Ethan asked lots of questions, and commented on why the show had not started, all LOUDLY.  But after I’d explained the basic rules to him, he was good throughout the movie and sat through.  There were times when he said the movie was “a little bit scary” and he held on to my arm, but most of the time, he watched it intently and even went “Uh-oh” and “Hurry!” at the right parts.

All in all, we had a blast and after the show, Ethan wanted to sit through all the credits too.  We’ll definitely do it again…hopefully really soon! 🙂


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    Full of expression. 🙂

    Joyce says: Yes, he has, hasn’t he? 🙂



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