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Curtain Lover

Scrap Credits
Ilétait une foi kit from Petit Moineaux
Stamp cluster 7 from Lindsay Jane Designs
Basic chipboard alphas from Dani Mogstad
Boxed words from Chantal

The curtains have long since enthralled Ethan. And I found out that there are also some other kids that love playing with the curtains too. Ethan loves to hide behind the curtains, stay very still and play a little game with me. When I notice him hiding behind the curtain, I would say, “Where is Ethan?” and pretend to look around for him. He used to giggle as soon as I say this, hence revealing where he was hiding. But now, when he hides, he stays completely still until I ask out loud where he is. Then he would yank the curtain away from his face, and grin happily, as I exclaim, “There you are!”

A few weeks back, when we had the power outage on a Saturday, I opened our living room window a little to allow the air in for ventilation. Ethan got fascinated by the curtains billowing in the wind, so much so that he climbed onto the sofa and stood there looking out from the window onto our balcony. At the same time, he again played with the curtain too… and when I pointed the camera at him and said, “Ethan, smile!”, he never fails to give me that cheeky cheeky grin!

  1. chinnee’s avatar

    i hardly let qq play with the curtain coz i very lazy to wash…hehe….

    Joyce says: But won’t she insist and play with them anyway?


  2. sasha’s avatar

    Wah he very pandai to smile. Mine u call and call also no reaction, only know how to pose naturally e.g. continue buat watever he is doing. hehehe

    Joyce says: Natural candid shots ma, that one.


  3. WS’s avatar

    Playing with curtains is most kiddo fav…Ching Ern is another one too 🙂

    Joyce says: And I wonder why….


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Bryan and Ethan looks like twins when the simle cheekily!!! I gotta show you soon!

    Joyce says: Yeah, show me, show me!


  5. ablogaway’s avatar

    Wow, he can stay completely still…

    Joyce says: Yeah, you’d be amazed!


  6. rani’s avatar

    what lovely scrapbook u hav there!

    Joyce says: Thanks Rani!


  7. Everyday Healy’s avatar

    This is cute! Ethan smile again! hehe…

    Babies smile is always the sweetest thing that could easily melts our heart! 🙂

    Joyce says: You betcha!


  8. slavemom’s avatar

    I think we can make curtain playing a biz! LOL Kids just love to hide n then reveal themselves eh? CE’s no exception.

    Joyce says: Yeah, have a room filled with curtains on every wall, and just watch the kids go nuts!


  9. jacss’s avatar

    yeah, very cheekily grinning his eyes heh!!
    but careful…..grille locked always ya…..

    Joyce says: Yeah, cheeky and naughty too! We don’t have a grille on our windows, but not to worry, we keep it closed.


  10. rinnah’s avatar

    When I was young, my mum never let me play with the curtains worrr… 🙂

    Joyce says: Tell her you wanna relive childhood and demand to play with them now! Or you can come to my house and play with Ethan!



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