Bible Verse of the Day

Struggle for Independence

Our Ethan boy is becoming more and more adamant in establishing his independence, and is more often than not very persistent and determined in doing so.

Take last night, for example.  After I showered him, I took him into our room to give him his feed of milk while I diapered him.  This is a routine that Ethan absolutely loves, because he gets to drink his full 6-7oz of milk while being serenaded by Mommy’s rendition of nursery rhymes or whatever songs that creep into my head at that moment.  After he finished his milk, I wanted to put his pj top on, but he refused.  He scrambled down from the bed and asked me to take him outside instead.

So okay la, I took him out and figured I could put his shirt on for him while he was busy playing with his toys or watching TV.  How wrong I was!  A chase around our home ensued.  I tried enticing him with various pj tops, but he just wanted to run around in the buff, … well, save for the fitted diaper he had on, of course.

So I decided to (but of course) snap a few pictures while waiting for the opportune moment to put the shirt on him la.

Finally after a while, and after some kicking, screaming and protesting, a tired and exhausted Mommy finally managed to dress him up.  And Ethan happily patted his tummy after that.  He does look happy, doesn’t he?

  1. huisia’s avatar

    shame shame naked Ethan boy..
    i like his diaper very much 🙂

    Joyce says: I like the shark diaper too…and so does Ethan.


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Aiyo… the terrible twos begin! Hehehe.

    It’s a clash of wills to see who can outwit, outplay and outlast the other tribe member. (Geddit? LOL.)

    Joyce says: Speaking of which, I have totally forgotten all about watching Survivor China….


  3. Blessed mum of 3’s avatar

    He looks real happy! I luv his last pic..! *smuck* *smuck*

    May I have yr consent to link your blog to mine? Thks

    Joyce says: Yes indeed he is….yes of course, you are welcome to add my blog to your blogroll.


  4. michelle’s avatar

    He must be feeling hot at home.

    Joyce says: Nola…got aircon wor….he just likes to be naked la.


  5. sting’s avatar

    ohhh… he’s so expressive… any intention to enroll him to those kids’ drama class? 🙂

    Joyce says: You know, that is a really good idea….maybe in a year or two la.


  6. Bart’s avatar

    Woh hoh! 6 packs in the making?… elegant poses too (2nd row 2nd column) :o)

    Joyce says: Lawl! Yeah, that pose was an afterthought…hehe….


  7. Shireen’s avatar

    Nice colorful diaper there! It’s easy to chase after 1 child. For me, if my 3 gals make me chase after them, I’ll definitely chase them with the cane, haha!

    Joyce says: With cane, they would run faster, no?


  8. chinnee’s avatar

    qiqi sometimes too doesnt wanna wear her shirt. tell me she wanna be like papa wor…. 🙁

    Joyce says: Daddy’s girl? Lol


  9. wen’s avatar

    i like this CD too!!!

    Joyce says: Nice hoh? Me likee veree muchee too!


  10. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Cute! It drives me up the wall too. Hubs says he has never seen a 7mo pregnant woman run so quickly after a toddler before!

    Joyce says: Well, now he has! kakaka…



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