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Introducing Mr Independent

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 Freebie Maio from Mitia Assef
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Rustic Walk alphas from A work in progress
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Confetti from Aja Abney
Polka dotted arrow from Dúnia

Ethan is starting to live up to the Mr Independent tag on his peejays, yeah, the one his Daddy got him from US. The things he can do, he must do by himself, some bordering on being a perfectionist at heart to obsessive compulsive disorder-ism. Ah well. Maybe it is his own style of doing a Frank Sinatra “I’ll do it My Waaayyyyy…..”

When we are getting ready to go out, he wants to take his own shoes and place them on the floor for us to wear. If we help him take his shoes, he will protest loudly and demand that we put them back on the shoe rack where he can take them himself. Sometimes, when he is all done and ready to go and I am still not out of the door, he will choose a pair of shoes for me from the rack and place it at the doorstep, all ready for me to put them on!

When he asks for his “nenno”, and I give him his bottle, he will refuse it. He wants me to put it somewhere where he can retrieve it himself. Then he will finish the entire bottle.

He wants a spoon of his own when we go out and eat. If it is rice, he will attempt to scoop the rice and feed himself. If it is noodles, I will put some of the noodles on his spoon and he will feed himself with the spoon.

He has a peculiar way of drinking water (I hope this only happens at home, though). He wants me to carry him up to reach for every one of the cups from left to right IN ORDER of arrangement, rinse it and fill it with a little bit of water, then he drinks from it, repeating the process with all the cups. We have a stainless steel mug rack with 2 layers which can hold 3 mugs per layer. So imagine me doing this with a *slightly-heavier-than-a-rice-sack* on one arm SIX times! Ah well…as long as it gets him to drink water happily.

Speaking of drinking water, nowadays when we are out and about, he prefers not to drink from the straw in his tumbler, rather he would ask me to unscrew the cover of his tumbler and he will hold the entire tumbler with both hands and drink from the rim. I guess he figured it’s faster that way…

All his Yakult bottles need to be arranged in a single row across the shelf in the refrigerator. If the shelf cannot fit all, then he has to rearrange them all over again. Same thing goes for his books. He must arrange them all neatly in a row, otherwise he gets frustrated.

Well, that’s what makes Ethan … Ethan! 😛

  1. Oliveoylz’s avatar

    Ethan is showing signs of being a very organised, systematic & neat boy…I foresee you won’t have to worry about messy bedrooms when he grows up. Lucky u!

    Joyce says: ooh, I hope you’re right! 😀


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Hey, the lifting up of Ethan is good exercise for mommy’s arms worrr…

    psst… you sure Ethan hasn’t been watching too much Monk? LOL.

    Joyce says: Yeah, toned arms on the way… no, he hasn’t been watching Monk, but maybe I did, too much, during pregnancy! 😆


  3. Angeline’s avatar

    *clap clap clap* At least there is something to cheer about today…..sigh

    Joyce says: Thanks… don’t worry… things will look up for you!


  4. rani’s avatar

    Independent is his second name now, hah?

    Joyce says: haha…looks like it!


  5. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Its the same thing over here….I feel like I’ve been carrying him more often than not to reach household items. But Ethan, well, he is just to happy all the time!

    Joyce says: I guess they are all just going through toddlerhood!


  6. michelle’s avatar

    More like Mr. Organize to me.

    Joyce says: Yeah, takes after Daddy…oh, and a little bit of Mommy la 😛


  7. slavemom’s avatar

    If I were u, I’d hide some of the cups. LOL

    Joyce says: I contemplated doing that a few times already…wonder why I never did. LOL


  8. chanelwong’s avatar

    yahoo..mummy got helper already…to clean up…

    Joyce says: Haha…I wish!


  9. Allan’s avatar

    hmmmm…will independant ethan also choose his own team to support in the future?..heh…psst…Man U Man U Man U…..:-p

    Joyce says: Blek…yes he will choose his own team, but we will give him gentle pushes in the right Kop direction.


  10. sting’s avatar

    ahhh… if only my baby is able to learn a few tricks from Ethan 🙂

    Joyce says: Ah…soon my dear…



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