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Hannah at 11 months

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Wonderland numbers from Jessi Calger
Netter’s Alphas from Scarlet Heels


Probably around 10 kilos, plus or minus.  We do notice that she has become less “round” since she started walking.


Getting taller and taller!


4 incisors (2 top and 2 bottom).  Next 2 top incisors are appearing too.

Motor Skills

  • Can shake her head left and right.
  • Tries to crawl and walk into small tight spaces.
  • Able to manipulate an object to get it out of a tight space.
  • Can squat and the stand, and then squat again, whilst holding toys in both hands.
  • Can do the “wobble-walk”
  • Loves for us to hold her by the arms and lead her on walks around the house.
  • When she wants to get somewhere fast, she will either use the wall for support, or crawl.
  • Throw things and then closes her eyes in anticipation of the loud sound it makes.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Says “Mameh”, “Mamma”, Dadeh”, “Baba”, “Mamba”.
  • Imitates and responds in a smiliar fashion when we “blow” on her tummy.
  • Loves the remote, and will do whatever she can to get a hold of it.
  • Can make “pathetic”-looking faces just so we’ll feel sorry and carry her.
  • Can “manipulate” us by purposely knocking her head on the wall when she’s in the cot, and then crying so we’ll pick her up.

Food and Feeding

She’s on Mommy’s milk 100% and also LOVES drinking water from a regular cup.  Sometimes I have had to pry her hands from the cup!

New foods she has been introduced to include:

  • Heinz Teething rusks, which she absolutely LOVES.
  • Red dates (cooked with porridge)
  • Organic baby oats (mixed into porridge and sometimes served just on its own with water)
  • Regular fragrant rice
  • Fish (Jade perch)

When it’s time for her porrdige, she will smile and look very happy.  Then, if she has the mood to eat, she will open her mouth eagerly and wait for me to feed her.  Sometimes if I am a little slow in feeding her, she will pull my arm or shirt!

  1. chanelwong’s avatar

    Happy 11 months to Hannah girl….

    Gong Xi Gong Xi to you n family….



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