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Hannah at 15 months

hannah-15monthsScrap Credits
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Giving Thanks alphas  from Stacey’s Scraps


10.3 kilos +


About 76-77 cm…or maybe more.


8 incisors (4 top and 4 bottom), with a few more teeth appearing at the back, possible pramolars. 

Motor Skills

  • Hannah is walking around very quickly now, and sometimes picks up her step and starts running a little.
  • She can climb up the couch and the bed, sits there unaided and then climb down again, feet and butt first.  I still want to monitor her when she does that because I’m still wary that sometimes she does stand up on the couch/bed and appears to want to *walk off*.
  • Likes to *walk around* in the bathroom when taking her shower.
  • Loves to *hang on* to my legs, even when I am walking.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Hannah can imitate sounds that are being made, eg. “lalalala..”, “eh…” etc
  • Says “Bar-bee” to almost anything, but more often than not, in reference to soft toys and pictures of animals.
  • She can *tell* us what she wants to do or where she wants to go.  For example, when she wants to sleep, she will walk to the room and point at the closed door.
  • Smiles cheekily when someone holds a camera.
  • Screams aloud when excited, frustrated or angry.
  • Shows affection by kissing my cheeks.  Also, when Daddy comes home, she screams delightedly and runs to give him a hug. awwww…..
  • Can point to nose, hair and tummy when asked.  Not 100% consistent but we are working on it.
  • Loves to flip through books.
  • Sometimes refers to herself by saying “Nana”.

Food and Feeding

She’s on Mommy’s milk 100% and is still loving every bit of her porridge!  She takes a bit of our every day foods, and is very willing to try new things.  I try to give her foods which are low in salt and sugar though, but I love it that her diet is more varied now.  In fact, our girl will *ask* to be fed new things even though she’s not allowed to have it yet, e.g. when I’m eating ice cream, she will come very close to me and open her mouth. 

New foods she has been introduced to include:

  • Wanton noodles (from Old Town coffee shop)
  • Chopped celery (in chicken soup)
  • Beef balls (from spaghetti in Italiannies)
  • Beef stew (from Du Viet)
  • Pasta with tomato pasta sauce
  • Steamed Fish balls (dim sum) – she had a slight rash on her chest after this, so I’ll probably retry this sometime later.
  • Jiu hoo char with lettuce leaves (from Hainan)
  • Tau-ewe-bak (little bit)
  • Hainanese chicken rice
  • Cheerios

We will probably stop cooking porridge for her during weekends now that she can take almost the same food as we do. 🙂


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