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Boys and Girls Come Out to Play on World Play Day

What I envisage is not an event or series of events, and not something that entails expansive and expensive preparations (or expensive presents). The essence of PLAY is childlike. It is what all children do naturally. Therefore, a WORLD PLAY DAY should be a day of total attention to each other, from generation to generation. A day when children and adults do what they want to do. A day that is relaxed and emphasizes human interaction. We do not need to stop the world for a day. We play in our own place, home, school or work place. Perhaps I am describing an attitude rather than an activity. A day that is FUN, shows adults and children in interactive situations promoting the healthy growth of each other in simple, self-motivated activities of their own choice. If everyone in the world can do this on the same day each year we will have a WORLD PLAY DAY.
– Dr Freda Kim, Founder, World Play Day


Before this year, I had not even heard of World Play Day.  So it was a great surprise and experience to all of us when the kids’ school decided to organize an event in conjunction with World Play Day this year.

World Play Day is celebrated on May 28th each year, and it’s a day where kids and adults alike dedicate to the art of play.

Sounds like fun, yeah?

Not even the hot afternoon sun could dampen the spirits of these beautiful kids.  The celebration of World Play Day started with some warm-up exercises, which the kids were all to eager to participate in.



It was then followed by the singing of the official World Play Day song.


And then the fun began. 🙂

The kids each had a World Play Day passport booklet where they would carry around with them to the different stations/stalls, and when they completed an activity/game, they would be given a stamp on the booklet.  Some of the games brought back sweet memories of games we played as kids, when there were no computers and iPads.

Here are some precious pictures of the kids just plain PLAYING 🙂

Hannah trying her best to shake the “eggs” out from the bottom of the box in “Chicken Lay Eggs in Box”:


Having a go at the “Catapult”:



“Swing Bowling”:




“Caterpillar Race”:



Just plain havin’ fun doing the “Rubber Band Jump Rope”:


It was beginning to get really hot, so I was relieved when the kids moved indoors for some of the indoor games and activities instead, like getting a Henna tattoo in the “Henna booth”.

Here’s Hannah getting a henna tattoo.



She wanted a flower butterfly.


Ethan had a scorpion done:


They washed off the henna a while later and the “tattoo” remained on their hands for up to a week after that! (I really wished I had asked for one done on me too!)

Other indoor games that the kids played:

“Batu Seremban” or “Five Stones”



“Pick-up Sticks”





“Congkak” (the kids are still hooked to this game to this day)


…and a couple more entertaining activities…



Indeed, a perfectly enjoyable afternoon.  We left after the kids had their tea-time snacks and the kids declared that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  After all, that’s what playing is all about, isn’t it? 🙂

  1. Bart’s avatar

    That must have been really lots of fun :). Such a joy to see kids enjoy themselves.

    Joyce says: It really was!



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