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Meet Our Star Kid!

Hannah’s school gives out recognition medals to kids each month based on merit and behaviour.  These awards, called the Star Kid award, are given out during the monthly assemblies, and since the beginning of the year, Hannah has been trying her best to get the award.

She told me she had been helping out in class with the cleaning up and had been extra attentive in class.  She thought she would get the Star Kid award for sure in March but she was a little disappointed when she didn’t.

So it was with utter joy and happiness when she came back home last Wednesday displaying her Star Kid medal!  Actually she was feeling a little under the weather that day, but she knew it was Assembly day and she wanted to go and see if they would call her name.

Such was her determination.  And paid off it did. 🙂

Well done, Hannah! *hugs*

  1. Joanne’s avatar

    Congratulations Hannah. You certainly deserve it.


  2. Joey’s avatar

    Great job, Hannah! Way to go!



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