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Ribs, Steak and All Things Great

We made a 3-day-2-night trip to Mutiara Damansara last weekend to visit Ethan’s newborn cousin, Jonathan.  On Saturday, we had lunch at Tony Roma’s.  We had great company during lunch too, Ethan got to meet up with his Ah Mah (my Mom), his Ah Kor, Ah Koo and Ah Kim.  Tony Roma’s is located in Cineleisure, which is somewhat connected to The Curve; I was amazed to discover that it was a mere walk from Italiannies and Laundry Bar (actually we were undecided as to what to eat that day, but since Tony Roma’s looked rather empty, we decided that would be it).

Tony Roma’s in Malaysia is so different from the ones in US or Singapore.  For one, it did not have (my favorite) baby back ribs.  We ordered 2 plates of full-rack ribs and a strip-loin steak, oh and of course a plate of the appetizer sampler too.  Though different, Pete and I were happy to note that the food at the outlet was very good.  The ribs were soft and (can I say) finger-lickin’ good.  Actually we were afraid that the food would be a sore disappointment like Marché was last month, but we were glad that our fears were unfounded.

Ethan had a good time during lunch too.  I was thrilled to note that Tony Roma’s Cineleisure had on their menu the same Baked Potato Soup I had ordered for Ethan when we were in Tony Roma’s Suntec City, Singapore… so I ordered that for him.  It all started ok, but then our boy decided that he wanted to have a go at feeding himself.  Since I had brought along his set of toddler utensils, I gave them to him and he began scooping the soup bit by bit.  And scoop he did… bit by bit fell on the front of his shirt.  It was a very messy sight indeed.  Then I suddenly remembered I had also brought along his Ikea shirt-bib, so we helped him put that on.  But no sooner had we done that, Ethan decided that he wanted ME to feed him instead!


In the end, off came the bib, and it was Ethan by himself again with his soup and some rice too.  I tried tying the napkin around his neck, but that fell down too.  So we allowed him to have fun with his food, messy though that may be, and took him back to the hotel room after that to clean up.  See?  That’s the good thing about staying right next to the restaurant 🙂

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Sure looks messgy but what the heck – it was fun right??! 🙂

    Btw, I tried looking for those shirt bibs @ Ikea 2 days ago. Cannot find wor……….do you know if they still have them in stock?

    Where do you live? We must be quite close by cos I live in Parkville @ Sunway Damansara (next to Palm Springs condo)

    Joyce says: When I was in Ikea last weekend, I didn’t see those bibs anymore. I think they must have all been sold out! Hehe…I live in Penang la.. 🙂


  2. ablogaway’s avatar

    Haha, being messy is fun, for kids especially. Sze Yi gets very excited when seeing pictures of toddlers messing around with their food. No doubt Ethan is having a whale of a time too 🙂

    Joyce says: Toddlers learn by imitation eh?


  3. sue’s avatar

    Good la be messy in the restaurant..mummy don’t have to clean up ma….but if at home…*faint*..

    Joyce says: Haha… exactly my sentiments!:D


  4. rinnah’s avatar

    Ahahaha… Ethan looks like he enjoyed his food! LOL!

    Glad to know that your Tony Roma’s trip was better than mine. Hehehe.

    Joyce says: I’m sorry, I didn’t know your trip was not that good. Maybe we meet there next time so you can give it a second chance?


  5. chinnee’s avatar

    geee…..yur boy really enjoy his food to create all that mess :p seems like an enjoyable meal ya 🙂

    Joyce says: More mess means more enjoyment eh?


  6. Angeleyes’s avatar

    Woah…. I hope the waiters did not show their sour face upon seeing what Ethan had done to their table and floor! LOL

    Joyce says: Hah, I wonder if we’ll be welcomed the next time we go there! keke..


  7. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    This sure looks like a familiar scene to me. Charlotte too loves to feed herself nowadays but worst thing is she doesn’t want to wear a bib or letting me help her just a little bit…we always leave the restaurant with a mess on the table and floor 😛

    Joyce says: I think all the waiters and waitresses will be afraid when they see toddlers coming into the restaurant! 😀


  8. anggie’s avatar

    heh… ur boy really enjoy the food very much … look at the pix ….
    i been there once …. love the ribs and the soup …. really good.

    Joyce says: He takes after Mommy and Daddy! 😀



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