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Raya Holidays: It’s Makan Time!

A holiday would not be complete without good food, now would it? And the recent holiday we had was not spared.  Here’s a rundown of what Ethan had during our recent holidays.  Trust me, this boy can really eat! … and he appreciates good food too!

Kai see hor-fun in Ipoh – he slurped every strand of the smooth koay teow in reckless abandonment. And he had it twice, once on Saturday and once again on Sunday before we left. Oh, how he would have loved the Lou-Wong kai see hor fun… never mind, we go next time okay?

Chicken rice in Ipoh – just like his Daddy, Ethan adores chicken rice, so much so that I might not have enough for myself the next time, since he shares the food with me!

Shrimp Aglio (linguini) in Italiannies, The Gardens – Ethan enjoys his pasta with his fingers, and this time, he also made use of his personal cutlery.  It was a joy just watching him lick the spoon clean and ermmm….also performing other stunts with it.  The linguini was perfecto, just the way I like it too! 

Chicken sausages, rice crispies, corn flakes and pink guava juice at The Crowne Plaza’s buffet breakfast – after he tired of the sausages, I poured some cereal for him in a bowl. He would then reach into the bowl and eat them diligently. He then figured it would be easier to move the bowl closer to him on his high chair tray, so he lifted the entire bowl nearer to him 😛 And yes, pink guava juice is Ethan’s favorite beverage at any buffet breakfast. He will request for it and then drink it up as if someone was gonna take it away from him.

Chawan mushi with rice at Ichiban Boshi, Pavilion KL – We were all very hungry when we arrived at the restaurant and Ethan must have downed the entire cup of chawan mushi and even taxed a little bit from Daddy too!   He was so full that we simply had to let him run around and explore The Pavilion for exercise after lunch 🙂

Oh, and Ice Lemon Tea everywhere we go.

Very soon I bet Ethan would be able to eat many many more things.  And I am confident of this because during the Raya holidays, I spotted not one, not two, not three, but FOUR pramolars appearing on his gums, all at the same time!

  1. soomingooi’s avatar

    So nice..Any tips why Ethan loves food? My 15 months old DD just hate food. Feeding her everyday is like a battle to me.

    Joyce says: I don’t know, he just does. It could help if you try making the food into attractive colors and shapes?


  2. huisia’s avatar

    good la if Ethan loves food. just no need to worry about his appetite.

    Joyce says: Yeah…he’s eating more and more every day!


  3. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    Wow, it sure looks like a fun filled holidays!

    Joyce says: Yeah, we ate and shopped all the way!


  4. rinnah’s avatar

    Wa, four teeth at the same time? All the more to eat with then! *grin*

    Joyce says: You bet!


  5. Susan’s avatar

    that’s a cute sight with the spoon stunt : )
    no fuss with the pramolars?

    Joyce says: He does that all the time now. Nope, none so far.. let’s pray it stays that way.



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