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Swollen but still smiling!


This evening when I went to pick Ethan up from Mrs Tan’s after work, I was aghast to discover that the swell under his eye as a result of *something* that bit him had become so much worse.  Ethan didn’t look like he was bothered with his swollen right eye though (as you can see from the pictures), and every time he smiled, his right eye would close up.  It was quite pitiful to see him with the swollen eye, although it was apparent that he wasn’t in any form of pain.  Nevertheless I decided to err on the side of caution and take him to see Dr Jessica, who coincidentally was on night duty tonight.

I had to take Ethan to the hospital on my own tonight because Pete had a dinner function with his company.  I grabbed a quick dinner at home and rushed to the hospital (okay, I drove carefully… :P) .  We were fourth in line … not too bad.  Guess where our boy insisted on going up and down on?  Yep… the escalators!  Since I was the only one there with him, I had no choice but to bring him up and down and at the same time, keep a lookout for when it was our turn.

Finally we were called in but the doc had so much trouble checking him.  He simply wouldn’t open his eyes for her to check them.  Dr Jessica prescribed Piriton syrup, which was an immediate relief for the allergic reaction, and told me to continue applying the fucicort thrice daily. We were also to keep monitoring his temperature in case it shot up.  I requested the nurse to help me feed the Piriton to Ethan since I was sure I would not be able to do it on my own at home.  Surprisingly all of the syrup went in, although Ethan put up a struggle.

I then took him back home, gave him a warm shower and got him ready for bed.  I waited till he fell asleep before I applied the fucicort.  I pray that he will be all better tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep tonight.

  1. anggie’s avatar

    oh dear , really bengkak.. izit pain ?? it’s dunt seem pain to Ehtan … he still can smile …. well, hope the swollen will be gone soon ..

    Joyce says: I don’t think it is painful, but rather itchy a little… yeah, hope the swelling will go down tonight itself.


  2. Vien’s avatar

    It’s good that ointment can be prescribed…over here..everything is OTC. Belle was bitten by some insects and till today she still has the insect bite mark on her cheek.

    Joyce says: I sure hope the swelling will be gone by this evening.


  3. ablogaway’s avatar

    Gosh, on the eye! Hope he’ll recover soon. Poor Ethan…

    Joyce says: Thanks, we hope so too.


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Ethan is such a good-natured boy, really!

    Joyce says: should meet him in person 🙂


  5. rinnah’s avatar

    Bravo mommy! You managed to do that all on your own… *hat off* Don’t put too much Fucicort… it’ll make the skin thinner even with a few applications, plus baby skin is much more delicate. I used to use it, so I know. *wink*

    Joyce says: Yep, I was told the same thing too. So we only apply a very thin film, and I think I’ll stop applying tomorrow.


  6. Susan’s avatar

    The bite looks bad. Is Ethan scratching it?

    I have sensitive skin too and I always cannot tahan, end-up scratching them all over causing my rashes or whatever it is to spread even more.
    Antihistamines should help.

    Joyce says: Nah, we didn’t give him antihistamines. He doesn’t take too kindly to meds, remember? 😛 He is not scratching it all the time though.


  7. WS’s avatar

    I normally start off with Hydrocort before I move into Fucicort. So far, it works well on Ern, esp on those insect/mozzie bite.

    For M’sia, the lowest % on Hydrocort is 1%. However, I managed to get my friend to buy from Aust for only 0.5%. Check around if you can get one and keep it handy with you.

    Joyce says: For normal mozzie bites, they will subside in an hour or two, but this one is peculiar. It’s read and inflamed, and so I decided to use fucicort directly because Ethan has used it before. Thanks for the Hydrocort tip though.


  8. hanah’s avatar

    hi, i came across your blog while looking for topics regarding swollen eyes. my baby suffered the same thing too, last december 2008.. and the swelling and the red bump on the side of the right eye (the one that seems to be an insect bite) are still manifesting twice or thrice since the lower right part of her eye got swollen. i did not bring her to a doctor during those times thingking that it was just allergic reaction due to dusts , but after the lower part of her right eye got swollen again (just last monday) i’m bringing her to the doctor tomorrow. i would like to ask, what did your doctor told you about ethan’s eye condition? was it really caused by some insect bite? or an allergy perhaps? did ethan’s eyes got swollen again like that after some time? any answer will definitely be appreciated. i’m just worried sick about my baby’s eyes. if you have time, kindly mail me at thank you so much and more power to you and your family! ^^

    Joyce says: Hi hanah, thanks for stopping by. If I remember correctly, the swollen eye was due to some bacterial infection. You know how kids are, touching everything. So the fucicort was to get rid of the bacteria. Hope your baby’s doing better now!



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