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Bizarre sleeping behaviour

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Peacefully.  Soundly.  That’s how Ethan sleeps in the morning.  Sometimes when we are ready to go out, he will still be sleeping, and when I try to wake him up saying “Wakey wakey”, he will grumble and whine, turn over and go back to sleep.

If only he could sleep this way through the night.  The strange night behaviour of his began last week.  One of the nights, Ethan suddenly woke up at 3a.m. and asked me to take him outside.  He wanted to drink milk and then watch some television.  I switched between Playhouse Disney and his two other favorite channels, Astro on Demand previews (channel 302) and Channel V (channel 714).  Then we watched some DVDs.  I tried to coax him to go back to the room to sleep but he didn’t want to.  Finally he fell asleep in my arms at about 5:30a.m.  It happened again two nights later, but this time round it was not so bad because he fell asleep after an hour or so.

Then a few nights ago, he would wake up screaming, and adamantly ask me to take him out again.  He would throw a huge tantrum if we refuse, kicking and screaming on the floor.  Once out of our room, he would lead me to the living room and then “throw” my hand towards the light switch in the living room.  Then he would “throw” my hand at the TV remote.  After that he would come and snuggle up to me and fall asleep.  With the TV on.

I kid you not.  Happened again last night.

Why does he do this?

  1. slavemom’s avatar

    I’ve oso experienced that with CE – waking in the mid of the nite wanting to get out of the room, doesn’t want to sleep. But luckily it was oni for 1 or 2 nites. Then he got back to ‘normal’ again.
    Did Ethan nap too much in the day time? Or did he get extra play/stimulation compared to normal days? Gee.. I hope this doesn’t continue. I know how torturing it is to entertain a toddler who doesn’t want to sleep when we r vy sleepy n tired.

    Joyce says: I doubt he slept a lot during the day too. I am blessed with a boy who can function like an energizer bunny, even with little sleep. As for the play/stimulation, I think he gets roughly the same every day. I hope the sleepless nights will end soon too.


  2. michelle’s avatar

    Becoz he wants to bully u!

    Joyce says: Why does he wanna bully me? I’m a good mommy maaa…


  3. sharine’s avatar

    maybe he thinks it’s time to play and maybe michelle was right… my gal sometimes just wake up with no specific reasons…

    Joyce says: Gosh, I sure hope this phase will end really soon!


  4. My Lovely A’s avatar

    So sweet of him..sleeping so soundly. I wanted to take my children phot while they are asleep but my mum stop me for doing, saying that it is not good.
    by the way, according to elderly people, when a child couldn’t sleep well in the nite, it is b’cos daytime they been playing to much.
    It happened to both of my children as well.

    Joyce says: Oh, that must be another one of those old wives’ tales then…err…my son plays a lot all the time wor…only these few nights, he started waking up.


  5. rinnah’s avatar

    Maybe he wants to sleep with some noise on?

    But poor you! One to two hours in the middle of the night is no joke!

    Joyce says: Maybe I need to get him baby headphones?


  6. Sting’s avatar

    maybe he’s imitating someone (who falls asleep while watching tv?) he likes AOD?! hahaha… hope this won’t last…

    Joyce says: Well, neither one of us has that habit…and as of AOD, he must have picked that up from the sitter.


  7. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Err…maybe can put TV in bedroom? Ok, seriously, I think they go through cycles of habits. Soon it would be something else. Bryan has to hold a bath toy in his hand to sleep these days….

    Joyce says: Ooh, then I can’t sleep pulak…yeah, hope it’s one of those phases la.


  8. huisia’s avatar

    sounds like he has habitual wake up, or maybe due to body heatiness?

    Joyce says: Really? Body heatiness will cause children to wake up?


  9. ablogaway’s avatar

    Hey, welcome to the club! That’s exactly what I’ve been facing, and if you find a solution, do let me know ya 🙂

    Joyce says: No solution, just live it out…and bear with it.



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