Bible Verse of the Day

Green fingers


Last Friday, when I picked Ethan up from school, he greeted me with a big smile, holding a plastic vase filled with a piece of sponge with some stalks of flowers in it.  On the plastic vase was his very own name, and he was VERY proud of it, I could tell.

He told me he made it in school. (I just LOVE all these stuff he brings back from school!)

And when we reached home, he wanted to water it, so I assisted him in sprinkling some water on the flowers.

And then he wanted to give his plant some sunlight.  I asked him to put it near the sliding door.  He put it there for 1 second and said, “That’s too much sunlight…”

So we put it on our shelf instead.

Last weekend when all our relatives came over for a visit, Ethan was proudly showing off his plant to everyone.

I’m wondering if I should get him new flowers when these wilt away in a few days’ time….


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