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Pitter patter not-so-tiny feet


How quickly kids grow up…Hannah finally outgrew her first pair of sandals, and even though we can still put them on her, it’s very clear that they are beginning to get too tight on her feet.  They are too tight cuz we can see her little toes peeking out from the front of the sandals.

I do so like her first pair of sandals, because it feels so comfy, but I suppose we’ll have to let those go eventually.  We finally found another pair for Hannah last weekend in size 6 (her old pair was size 4.5).  Let’s see how long these will last.

In any case, I suddenly remembered we bought a pair of brown dress shoes, Mary Janes, if you will, from the US.  They were much too big for her feet then, but I thought we’d take them out now and try them on for size.


Gave me a shock when I discovered they fit her EXACTLY, as in “wait a few weeks and she would outgrow them”!  So looks like Hannah will be wearing these brown Mary Janes for the next few weeks then 🙂

Ah yes, girls and their shoes…She’ll have more shoes than Mommy soon, I’m sure.


  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Yes, girls and their shoes! 🙂 Those brown mary janes are absolutely sweet, btw!



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