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Hannah’s Early Birthday Celebration in School

I’m already 36+ weeks along, so being paranoid that I would not be able to do a simple birthday celebration for Hannah in school with her friends (when she clearly wants to), I made arrangements for an early celebration on Valentine’s Day.

As was the case with Ethan’s school, we were not allowed to bring in any food items, so I managed to get a cute craft kit for the kids.  Every kid in class would get a giraffe-shaped foam piece which they would then decorate to their liking using stickers and such, all provided in the kit.  Cool or what? 🙂

Hannah was absolutely looking forward to the Giraffe craft and kept on talking about it right till the day I had planned for it.  We did the craft with her friends in the morning, and all the kids had fun creating their own version of their giraffes.

It was the perfect way to spend Hannah’s birthday in school and also a kid’s Valentine’s Day and I was so thankful to be a part of it.  Hannah’s teacher was also very thoughtful and had taken a few pictures of the activity and then compiled the pictures into a little ring booklet, which I thought was so cute!  And of course, Hannah was beyond jubilation to take home her very own giraffe, which she named Sandy. 🙂

She’s now counting down the days to her actual birthday! 😀

  1. Joey’s avatar

    36+ weeks…I’m so excited!!

    I’m also in the midst of planning a birthday / farewell party for E next month. It’s going to be small and simple as Steve won’t be around for it 🙁 Looking for a great party pack idea too…love yours!

    Joyce says: Yeah, I’m anxiously excited too! ‘Twas a good thing they have all these cute packs of craft stuff for kids at this time during Valentine’s… 🙂



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