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Hannah Having Fun in Pre-K

It just dawned on me that I have not been updating the progress on Hannah’s days in school.  She’s currently in pre-K now and she goes for the half-day sessions, which is around 5 hours every day.  I normally drop her off at about 9:00a.m. after I drop Ethan off at school, and Hannah will be at school till about 2:30p.m. or so.  She takes lunch in school and sometimes even has a short nap before I arrive.

Of course, for security and privacy reasons, parents aren’t allowed to take photos of the kids in school, but we do get pictures of our kids sent home, and I always welcome these because it just goes to show how much fun Hannah has in school!  We’ve also enrolled her in the Phonics Adventures program which introduces and teaches phonics to early readers like Hannah.  So far, we are pleased that she enjoys her 1:1 phonics sessions, which she has twice a week.

Here are some of the activities she has been up to in school…the photos aren’t very clear, because I had to take a photo of the photo printouts that were sent home.


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