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The Making of A Lego Engineer

Several weeks ago, Ethan brought back a note from his school informing us that the school would be hosting an 8-week Lego program for kids.  Ethan would fall into the program for children in grades K-2, and registration was on a first come, first serve basis.

The cost for this program would be $125 per child, however, the organization running this program would also be sponsoring 4 “scholarships” by way of lucky draw.

Just for fun, I entered Ethan’s name in for the lucky draw, and guess what…he WON!

So he stays back in school every Friday now, for his program named Pre-Engineering With Lego.  There are 16 children per class, and I can tell he really loves it!

Class Description: Students will build cities, bridges, and motorized cars/planes and explore many creative possibilities of engineering with the LEGO system.  With access to over 100,000 pieces of LEGO, your child will have the opportunity to build what they have only dreamed of with the support of an experienced instructor to guide them.

Last week he told me he built a tall tower in class, and when he came home, he built this structure, and asked me if I knew what “technique” he used to build the wall.

The answer is “OVERLAPPING“: which will result in a stronger structure. 🙂

Lego Engineering FTW! 🙂


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