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Emma at 25 Months

Emma-25monthsScrap Credits
So Grateful Add-on freebie from Sahlin Studio


8.2 – 8.3 kilos


Not measured.


Still 15 teeth (I think), maybe 17 or 19.  She won’t open up for me to check : 7 bottom teeth (3 incisors, 2 canines, 2 molars) and  (maybe) 8 upper teeth (4 incisors, 2 canines and 2 molars).

Motor Skills

  • Loves to climb up on chairs and can do so quite well now.
  • Will run in little small steps.
  • Attempting to jump, even to the extent of bending her knees in preparation of jumping.  She’s almost there!
  • Likes to pretend to slide down from the arm rest of the couch, and loves it when we prep her by saying “Ready, Set, Go!!”

Communication and Social Skills

  • Adding more words to her vocabulary:
    • Couch
    • Push
    • Egg
    • Hat
    • Fog (for “frog”)
    • Sit
    • Car
    • No!!
    • Oh No!!!!
    • Once or twice, she says “Mommy!” but it is still inconsistent
  • Can point to herself when we ask “Where’s Emma?”
  • Can point to Mommy, Daddy, Ethan and Hannah when we ask who’s who.

Food and Feeding

Loves homecooked rice and porridge.  She has already started rejecting some foods by shaking her head and saying “No no no!”


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