Bible Verse of the Day

God has blessed us with a baby boy!

Little Ethan boy decided to join the CNY festivities and collect a few angpows, coming into this world 2 weeks-plus earlier than the due date! He was born via normal delivery at 3:43pm Tuesday, Jan 31st, 2006. Weighing a tiny 2.5kg at birth, he packs a mega-decibel cry for someone so small, putting the bigger babies in the nursery to shame.

1 hour after birth. Contented with himself…for being such a brave boy and not giving Mommy and Dr. Ooi any complications.
“YAWN! Mommy, I’m tired now and I need my nap.” – Ethan feeling the after-effects of a good cry!
“Huh?! Do I still need to pose? Here you go Daddy…my “bulat” face!” – Ethan frowning in between meals.


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