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A whole new view

Finally we fixed Ethan’s new car seat today (new car seat for the New Year mah…). 

All this while since birth he had been using an infant car seat from the Graco Travel System, and had been sitting rear-facing.  Since this new convertible car seat is to be used for babies 9 kilos and over only, it had been sitting in our house for the past several months (yes, I am very proactive and bought the car seat soooo many moons before).  Pete commented that Ethan’s new car seat is even more luxurious than our own seats, as it had leather trimmings too! 

So anyway, we fixed the car seat for him today – Front-facing.  Babies can face front only if they are a minimum of 9kg and one-year of age.

We were about to load him into the car and set off for Taiping, but our boy decided it was time to fall asleep just before we left.  I was a bit worried that he would wake up in shock because of the different front facing view if we loaded him while he was asleep.  Thankfully, he woke up right before we were ready to go.

As soon as we loaded him, he looked really confused.  Then he began to ease into the surroundings and very soon was pretty much enjoying himself.


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