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I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt!

We bought 4 cups of yogurt yesterday night and decided to try if Ethan likes it.  I gave him baby yogurt before a few months ago, but he didn’t like it, and I had to finish it all up in the end.  😛

Anyway, I gave him a spoonful and he gave a sourish-looking face.  Some of the yogurt dribbled out from his mouth but he swallowed most of it.  Then I took a spoonful myself, and exaggerated how GOOD it was…..:) I followed that with another spoonful for him.  Sour face again.  Then I ate another spoonful, and when I fed him his third spoonful of delicious mango yogurt, he took it happily and smiled, showing whatever teeth he had 🙂  He even asked for more after that!  And when the whole cup was finished, he still insisted he wanted some more, even though I told him “No more…”  Hehe… will try with strawberry yogurt tonight.

The yogurt I fed him is the low-fat variety, but I might try making my own high-fat yogurt with the low-fat starter later on, when I have introduced milk powder, or other forms of milk to Ethan.  After the yogurt extravaganza last night, and after his bath, Ethan became superhyperactive and Pete claims it could be because of the yogurt.  You think?

  1. Pat’s avatar

    Wah turning to be like mummy huh… loves yogurt

    Joyce says: You remember I like yogurt eh? But you know, I couldn’t take yogurt AT ALL when I was pregnant.


  2. huisia’s avatar

    i don’t think yogurt could make him active la…mayb other culprits??

    Joyce says: Hubby said could be the sugar in the yogurt.. hehe..


  3. shooi’s avatar

    I buy the Nespray Calsi-yum for Bryan. Full cream and extra calcium. No i don’t think yogurt caused him 2 be extra active. Bryan takes yogurt or Lactobaccilus supplement almost every day recently since his discharge fr hospital. no problem.

    Joyce says: Before I saw your comment, I bought Fernleaf Calci-YUM from Jusco. Yup, I was looking for full-cream yogurt for kids. He had it this evening and I curi a bit – it was DELICIOUS!


  4. sasha’s avatar

    kids yogurt is super nice! yeah cos of the sugar level, can make kids hyper. try to give morning.

    Joyce says: That’s what I thought of doing too. Thanks for stopping by, Sasha!


  5. Pat’s avatar

    of course i remember la… u could even just have yogurt for lunch eh…
    wah so hiong ah… AT ALL…

    Joyce says: Wah…I don’t remember having just yogurt for lunch leh… you have a fantastic memory!


  6. Pat’s avatar

    TQ TQ
    errr i remember nonsense all, hmm somehow i cant remember bdays :p
    but i remember ur ericsson flip blue mobile phone!

    Joyce says: Sign up for Birthday Alarm and you’ll never forget a birthday again! Thanks for reminding me of my Ericsson flip blue cellphone! We’ve come a long way since…


  7. Angeleyes’s avatar

    I’ve been feeding yogurt to Darrius since he was about 10-mth old. He did not like it initially but now he’s hooked! 😆

    Yeah, like what Sasha said, sugar will cause the hike in sugar level so never feed them sweet stuff after dinner… esp banana!

    Joyce says: Didn’t really see any difference whether I gave it to him at night or otherwise…but my hubby said no yogurt at night. Hehehe… Ethan still begs for yogurt from my hubby though!



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