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Bible Verse of the Day

Shadow Play

Ethan loves to play with shadows.  We would watch him crawling or walking, with his gaze transfixed on the shadows he makes and he would make a conscious attempt to touch the shadows.  It’s amusingly funny, I tell ya.

This morning, the sun was streaking through the curtains in our living room, casting gorgeous beams all across the floor.  I noticed Ethan was just standing there and looking at the shadows on the ground and the walls.  So I stood at a position where I cast a shadow right in front of where he was standing.  His eyes looked at my shadow.  Then I moved swiftly to the right, and he turned to follow. I jumped to the left, he turned to follow again.  Soon he figured that I was the one making the movements and he giggled happily and clapped his hands in glee!  I started making shadow puppets on the wall and he was truly amazed! 

Ahh… the simple things we take for granted are the very things that amuses a toddler.  Pete says playing with shadows will cause a kid to get nightmares – really ah?

  1. huisia’s avatar

    my mum said so..don’t play shadow with kids else will get nightmare…but we always play with Jo lo..just try not to play outside..

    Joyce says: Hmmm…not sure if this is true lo…


  2. WS’s avatar

    Ya kah? Never heard about it! Let me “validate” this with my “source”…

    Joyce says: Please ask your source for valid explanation ah…


  3. Shirley’s avatar

    Felicia plays with her shadow often but i did not observe that she had any nightmare ler. It’s fun & funny to observe the wonders about our babies. BTW, i like to read your blog, it’s so interesting.

    Joyce says: Hey, welcome! You should start one for Felicia too – I’m looking forward to it!



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