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Hannah at 18 months

hannah_18monthsScrap Credits
Plentiful Kit from Shabby Princess Designs
Elegant word art (she’s adorable) from Bethany


11.2 kilos


81cm, roughly a head shorter than Ethan.


8 incisors (4 top and 4 bottom), with a few more teeth appearing at the back, possibly pramolars. 

Hannah has me brushing her teeth every day.  We try to do it twice a day, morning and night.  And whenever she hears me saying, “Let’s go and brush our teeth!”, she’ll open her mouth, say “Aaah!” and point to her teeth.  Yeah, she’s cute like that. 🙂

I’m brushing her teeth with a fluoride-free kids’ toothpaste, and we started with gargle-training using a cup with boiled drinking water (just in case she swallows and drinks it).  After about a week, Hannah can now spit out the water (still working on the gargling), so sometimes I just use tap water.

Motor Skills

  • Hannah loves to stomp around and shake her booty to music.  Once we were in the mall and were walking past a music store which started to play some music.  She stopped and started dancing, then fell over backwards!
  • She prefers to sit on a chair for her meals and playtime.  We need to find somewhere to store our baby chair now.
  • At the restaurants, when she is supposed to be in a baby high chair, she will not sit still, preferring instead to walk around and explore the surrounding areas.
  • She could form the thumbs up sign with one hand a couple of months back.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Hannah has learnt many new words: “Ko-ko” (for “Ethan Ko-ko”), “Bear”, “Beh” (bag), “Mau” (mouth), “No no no” (I’ve been saying this WAY too much!), “ball”, “boo” (for “book”), “daw” (for “dog”), “burr” (for “bird”), “nana” (for “banana”), “rai” (for “rice”), “nai” (f0r “nice”), “up”, “down”, “pee pee”, “poo poo”, “eye” (for “ice”), “eye” (for “hi!) and “buh-bye”.
  • In Hokkien, she can say “moi” for “porridge” 🙂
  • She is also very expressive and giggles a lot.  She goes “mmmm” when she tastes something good.
  • She has managed to tell me when she wants to go “poo poo” a few times and we have successfully completed the exercise several times too.  Still working on the pee pee. 🙂
  • She’s very loving, and loves to hug us all.

Food and Feeding

Hannah eats almost everything we eat now, with the exception of herbal stuff which we don’t know the contents of and food high in sugar and salt content.  She eats porridge on weekdays and mostly rice and noodles during the weekends.

As for milk, Hannah is still on 100% breast milk, with a little sampling here and there of chocolate milk and fresh milk.

She took a little bit of porridge with some peanuts in it (she just took the porridge part), and the following day, she had some rashes on her body and face.  Not sure if she’s allergic to the peanuts though, but we’re keeping a close eye.

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    Happy 18th month little princesss…….



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