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Visit to Dr Jessica

Yesterday evening we took Ethan to Dr Jessica’s clinic for his 14th month checkup and pneumococcal booster jab.  Ethan was so excited when we arrived at the hospital, especially when he saw the escalator.  While waiting for our turn, he just could not keep still and kept walking around, much to the delight of everyone around him.  Watch this: I took this out of boredom…

We were ushered into the doc’s clinic very soon after.  His height and head circumference was still the same as last month, but his weight had increased to 9.5 kilos.  And then it was jab time… as soon as Ethan saw the syringe, he kept saying “mai mai mai“.  But after the quick jab, he was his usual cheerful self again.  Our next visit would be when he turns 18 months.

  1. WS’s avatar

    I think he is trying to this:”come, come, play with me!” LOL

    Joyce says: Did you catch what he was saying? Sounded like “Mommy!” at the end, doesn’t it?


  2. Yvette’s avatar

    This video is everyone’s favourite. Por-por liked it too!

    Joyce says: Yes, he looked so cheerful and happy walking around the clinic area!



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