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Ethan at 26 months

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I put him on the weighing machine at home and the scale showed 11 kilos.  Can it be trusted?


Getting taller and taller – can reach the bottom-most buttons in our condominium’s elevator now…if he stands on tip-toe


Sixteen: 8 incisors, 2 canines (upper), 4 pramolars (2 upper and 2 lower) and 2 molars (bottom).  Salivating a lot recently, perhaps a sign of more pearly whites to come?

Motor Skills

  • In addition to walking on his tippytoes, he has taken a liking to walking on his heels too.  And no, it’s not cos I have not mopped the floor often enough.
  • Running up and down slopalators and escalators on his own.  Don’t try to stop him, because keeping him back might cause him to fall.
  • Can operate a DVD player on his own.  He can take the DVD from the case, hold it (sometimes he puts his finger through that little hole in the DVD), puts it into the DVD player.  He has also observed that some DVDs I usually put into our Sony player and some rather scratchy ones I put into the Pioneer player, and he will insist on putting the right DVDs into the respective players.
  • Stomping around loudly.

Communication and Social Skills

  • New words:

    • Ball (says this very well, and knows the meaning of it too. He amazed me when he repeated the word while watching the VCD I borrowed from Samuel‘s mommy.  I had played it before a couple of times but he wasn’t interested.  Then about 2 days ago, I took the VCD and packed it into my bag.  As usual, our inquisitive boy demanded to watch it, and soon he was repeating some of the words from the video!  Of course, I promptly made a copy of the video before returning it) – now he says “ball” every time he sees a ball.  It is music to our ears!

    • Train (from the same video, but inconsistent)

    • Baby (also from the same video, also inconsistent)

    • Cut Cut (we don’t know what this means yet)

    • Eh-ta-ta! (escalator) – He would say it every time I show him the video of him walking up and down the slopalator and escalator.

  • Likes to watch himself in action on video.  He normally requests me to play videos I have captured of him with my Nokia N73 and then he would laugh and giggle in glee.

Food and Feeding

Getting more and more demanding in exhibiting his independence.  Prefers to feed himself, never mind the mess he makes.  Can handle and feed himself buns and biscuits.  His manipulation of the spoon has improved too, and he will be very pleased when we praise him for a job well done.  Still don’t know if he is a leftie or rightie though, because he appears to be able to handle both hands rather well.  Loves to hold the knife AND fork though.


Toilet Training

Not completely toilet-trained for big business yet, but getting there.  His favorite *spot* for big business is at Pete’s side of the bed, near the curtains.  Whenever Ethan goes and stands there quietly (sometimes with straining sounds), I will quickly take him to sit on his throne.  He does his business almost every morning without fail 🙂

  1. Allan’s avatar

    “Cut Cut!”…..wahhh….future movie director…;-P

    “Train Ball!!!”…..perhaps future football coach…

    ” Baby..” ….future smooth talker….heh..

    “Eh Ta Ta..”…..variation of Yatta!, perhaps…..heh heh… parents have been watching wayyyy too much heroes..

    Joyce says: …speaking of Heroes…when will the continuation be ah?


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    *ROTFL at Uncle Allan’s interpretation of Ethan’s vocab*

    That’s excellent!

    Heehee, soon he will be operating all the electronic equipment in the house on his own…

    Joyce says: It’s a rather scary thought…even now, he loves *typing* on the computer keyboard.


  3. Paik Ling’s avatar

    When Ethan was younger, I’d thought he looked more like you… that he’s older, looks more like Pete in my opinion…….

    Joyce says: Is it cos he is naughtier-looking now? *puts on angelic face*


  4. slavemom’s avatar

    It’s so funny that he’s a fav spot for big biz. Makes toilet training much easier, no?

    Joyce says: Well, somewhat….as long as I catch him doing it, that is.



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