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Bible Verse of the Day a diamond in the sky…

Scrap Credits
Rainy Day Sunday add-on kit from Amy Bleser
Sundance cardboard from designs by krista
Pondlife Alphas from Joanna Cinnamon

Stamp cluster 4 from Lindsay Jane Designs
IlΓ©tait une foi star elements from Petit Moineaux
Star doodle: Doodle Me Big from Mikkel Paige Original

You are my shining star,
the light of my life…
The world can be so dark and gloomy but when you smile, everything is pure sunshine again.
When you giggle, I just want to shout out from the rooftops how much I love you, just for being you.

You are my shining star,
glowing brightly every day in my heart.
You fill my life with so much joy, just by doing little itty bitty things like hugging my leg and never letting go, and then planting a kiss to say you love me so. You hold on ever so tightly to Daddy’s leg, never letting go until he hobbles with you into the elevator.

I love the way you react to the “Otak burung unta lagi kechik daripada matanya” statement. It’s so adorable the way you place your hands on top of your eyes, emulating the little girl in the advert on TV.

I love the way you kick and throw the ball, with such passion, that can only be inherent in the soul of a footballer. Oh, you do slam dunks too, by the perhaps you aspire to be a future NBA MVP too?

All the beautiful colors of the rainbow cannot ever surpass the colorful way you have brightened our lives with everything you do. From the simple little things like cuddling up to sleep with Mommy on the sofa to the not-so-little ones like clasping your hands in prayer position and wishing everyone in church “peace” when the appropriate time came for you to do that…, you really inject such happiness and sincerity into the things you do. You can almost see Mommy beaming with pride and adoration just noticing all the parishioners in church gesturing at how adorable you look doing so. πŸ™‚

You have an absolutely delightful sense of humor and you can laugh at yourself in videos I have captured of you. Sometimes you clap in joy too, and you know, you definitely have a great sense of musical rhythm because you can dance and clap to your favorite Barney songs. Someday I know you will sing along too, yeah? Maybe you watch too much TV and DVDs, but you just make us so happy when you prance around, enjoying the music.

You are growing up so fast now. Sometimes you get too naughty and daring for your own good, and Mommy and Daddy will need to step in and reprimand you. But bear in mind that this is all done with LOVE. Regardless, you will always be our darling little boy and our bright, glowing, shining star.

And we will love you forever and always.

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Ethan’s gonna read this one day and know just how much daddy and mommy love him…

    Joyce says: Yes, we do indeed love him to BITS!


  2. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Awww…….how sweet. You’re quite a poet too!

    Joyce says: Haha, thanks! It started out as a poem, but I found out that I didn’t wanna make it rhyme…so it’s kinda like a poem and kinda like not one too. But I’m glad you like it!


  3. anggie - jeremy’s avatar

    yah, this was a nice post … the scrap was wonderful .
    Our kids is like a shining STAR for their parents ..

    heh, i saw Ethan in the WWM again ….. πŸ™‚

    Joyce says: Thanks Anggie! Yay! And because you told me about his pic in MWW, I went out and got a copy!


  4. blessed mum’s avatar

    beautiful poem…

    Joyce says: Thank you! I have a very inspirational muse to work on, that’s why!


  5. sting’s avatar

    that is so sweet.. and you are amazing! πŸ™‚

    Joyce says: Thanks Sting! Ethan’s pretty amazing too!


  6. Shireen’s avatar

    That was such a lovely dedication. You can really write eh?

    Joyce says: Thank you. I do try my best πŸ™‚


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