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Ethan at 30 months

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Ethan boy is now two-and-a-half years old!


12 kilos, according to the weighing scale at home.


About 88cm I think, measurement taken with measuring tape while Ethan was sleeping.


I think 18 teeth. Bottom 2 canines are still not present though.

Motor Skills

  • Can remove his own shoes and loves doing so.
  • Still eagerly practising his jumping skills.
  • Can do hand stand, by supporting his body with his arms, and using his legs to climb up the wall vertically. Ethan has rather strong arm muscles, I’d say. We’ve seen him supporting his weight with his arms while in his high chair too.
  • Can climb up the playground slide unaided using railings, where he needs to hold on to the sides with his arms, and use his legs to grip the railings firmly. I have to admit he almost gave me a heart attack when he first attempted to do it, but now I am proud to say he’s a pro at it! 🙂
  • Able to gurgle and spit. He will brush his teeth, but will not do it with toothpaste, although strangely enough, he requests for the toothpaste to be placed on his toothbrush. Then he takes some water from the cup, gurgle and then spit when I cue him, “Ptooi!”

Communication and Social Skills

More words … those I can remember. Mostly single words still, and I am in the process of helping him string two words together ( 1 verb + 1 noun).

Body Parts

  • Ham (hand)


  • Cat
  • Eh-fer (elephant)


  • Beh (bell) – when he wants to ring the bell to our apartment.
  • Tway (train)


  • Close
  • Wa (flush) … the toilet la, what else? 😛

Alphabets and Numbers
Can recognize most of his alphabets, and can even recite them in order. But we’ll need to “fill in the blanks” for those he is unsure of. When he notices letters on our attire, he will excitedly point them out and name them. Even when he is riding in the car, he never fails to surprise us with his observance. He will point out letters as he sees them and clearly say them out loud 🙂

He knows the order of numbers from 1-10, and when I first drafted this post about 4 days ago, he will only say “two” (2), “twee” (3), “eh” (8) and “nah” (9). Actually I heard him say “ten” a couple of times already, but it is still inconsistent. I know he knows the order of the numbers because he can correctly place the correct numbers in the right places when he is counting in ascending AND descending order. But my my, look what a difference few days made. Ethan can now say “wa” (1), “four” (4), “fai” (5) also and believe it or not “eighteeeen!!” (18).

Shapes and Colors
Has started to vocalize more shapes, like “har” (heart), “kurkurl” (circle) and “over” (oval).

Food and Feeding

After the deworming exercise, either by sheer coincidence or it really was due to the exercise, Ethan has started taking some chicken meat (willingly). He especially loves Nando’s lemon and herb flavored chicken … and especially so when I serve it to him using those cute flag toothpicks!

  1. slavemom’s avatar

    Happy 2 n a half yrs old, Ethan! Go ez with ur stunts in the playgrd yeah… to avoid mummy from having heart attacks in the future. LOL

    Joyce says: That’s really good advice 🙂


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Wow… the vocab’s really expanding at a rapid rate!

    Joyce says: Yes, I am so proud of him!


  3. allthingspurple’s avatar

    yea yea,sometimes they have funny words in replacement. Like Ashley is always saying.” pop” for coke. She must have picked it up from a Canadian friend who visits last year.

    cute how Ethan says “beh hiau”. Ashley just say, “beeeeecoz I don’t know”

    Joyce says: That’s CUTE!


  4. anggie-jeremy’s avatar

    i always love his smile.. so hapy wan…
    Happy 30 months to this handsome boy !!!

    Joyce says: Thanks Anggie! He brightens our day every day with that smile of his!


  5. wen’s avatar

    big boy edi, so 2nd one coming or not?

    Joyce says: Yes, I can’t believe how quickly he has grown up!


  6. allthingspurple’s avatar

    aiyah…my above comment is for the below post, leh. Mata sepit me click on to the wrong box.

    will re paste it now.

    Ashley also say elephant in almost the same way. She say “eh-fen” and Ethan says “eh-fer”. ha ha

    and where Ethan says “kurlkurl”, Ashley says, “circo”

    And she also say, “twain”not “train” oh…all these toddlers quotes and comparisons are so cute !!!

    Joyce says: Oh, she does?!! Hehe….Ethan places more emphasis on the “eh” in “eh-fer” 🙂


  7. Angeline’s avatar

    good thing that you are not starting him with toothpaste cos’ it would be a hazard for beginners like him.

    I started my boys with toothpaste only after 2 full months of successful “ppoooii” (spit) in the beginning, they still drink the water occasionally, guess they were really thirsty early in the morning, I guess…*laugh*

    Joyce says: I actually bought the fluoride-free toothpaste for him already, but somehow he only likes the toothpaste to stay on the toothbrush.


  8. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Handstand?? Future contender in X-Games!

    Joyce says: Gee I dunno…hehe…



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