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Bible Verse of the Day

She ain’t heavy, she’s my sister

Maybe he just wants to join in the crowd…
Ethan has been requesting to carry Hannah on his own nowadays. He would make his request with both his arms outstretched.

I’d allow him to carry Hannah with her head on his lap and him sitting on the couch. I feel it is important to let Ethan know that he plays an important role as a big brother. Maybe this makes him FEEL like a big brother.

But one thing’s for sure…they look so adorable together, don’t they?

  1. Blessed Mom’s avatar

    so adorable! And Ethan is so gentle handling Hannah.. look at the way he looks at her! Gosh..the love just flows…


  2. huisia’s avatar

    oh, mei mei’s crying there :)


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    Hannah doesn’t seem too psyched about her brother/sister moment in pic 3 there… 😛

    But yay for big brotherly love!


  4. jemima’s avatar

    It’s all your good work & your hubby’s.

    Both of you have brought him up & taught him well.


  5. mott’s avatar sweet of Ethan to be ever so gentle. I hope whatever you’re going through right’re alright. Always talk to someone, if you don’t feel ‘normal’.

    Take care


  6. michelle’s avatar

    What does Ethan do when mei mei cry? Hannah does have quite a rash there.


  7. jazzmint’s avatar

    looks like he adores her very much :). hannah got quite a bit of rash eh


  8. Angeline’s avatar

    when meimei is crying, gorgor is at a lost!! just look at that face… *laugh* these are beautiful shots… beautiful…


  9. KittyCat’s avatar

    Wow…Hannah IS chubby, cute chubby :-) She doesn’t seem that thrilled about kor-kor carrying her though LOL

    Don’t know if you’ve tried petroleum jelly for the rash?


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