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Proof of the pictures

At 2.5 months, we still can’t firmly decide if Hannah resembles her Daddy or her Mommy more, but one thing’s for sure, she certainly looks like Ethan!  I dug out some pictures of Ethan taken when he was about 2.5 months too, and well…you guys be the judge…

Of course it’s quite hard to tell because of the differing amount of hair, but still…


…same engaging brown eyes…

…same cute lil button noses…

…same rosebud lips…


…and the same happy cheerful (toothless) smile! 🙂

  1. jemima’s avatar

    Of course lah! They’re from the same factory! 😛

    Seriously, Joyce..with beautiful miracles like Ethan & Hannah, you should have another one when Hannah is older 🙂


  2. jacss’s avatar

    yeah, same nose & lips but hannah has prettier bigger eyes with double lids…..


  3. Paik Ling’s avatar

    yes indeed!!! But lil’ Hannah definitely looks more feminine!!


  4. Collin’s avatar

    both definitely have the football-round look…:-p


  5. Ryan mami’s avatar

    Aiyo… she got lots of hair and big round eyes! So cute and bulat!!


  6. slavemom’s avatar

    Same same. But I think Hannah’s more bulat. 😀


  7. Pet’s avatar

    Wow…really similar. My daughter when looking thru her own baby photos, always says it’s her ti-ti, when it’s actually her!

    Btw, congrats to your new addition… 🙂 Hope it’s not too late!


  8. Mich’s avatar

    Wow … what a transformation!!!


  9. health freak’s avatar

    I love Hannah’s big round eyes! And yes, they do spot some resemblance. One look and you’ll know they are siblings 🙂



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