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Bible Verse of the Day

Ethan made cookies!

As a SAHM, I try very hard to think of activities that would be interesting and stimulating enough for both Ethan and me to enjoy together.  After all, he is in school for half a day, and the rest of the time, he needs something to while away his time (other than watching TV 😛 ).

So last week, I asked Ethan if he would like to help me make some cookies.  He was excited and said YES.  Ethan’s favorite cookies are chocolate chip cookies, and I figured it would definitely be a healthier option to eat homemade ones rather than commercially purchased ones. 

For the recipe, I again turned to Happy Home Baking for her Chocolate Chip Cookies (Drop Cookies, as she calls it), and made sure I had all the ingredients.   After all, I had achieved good results with the Horlicks Doggie Cookies recipe before, so I trusted the track record there 🙂


I taught Ethan how to stir the egg and vanila into the mixture, and then I showed him how to fold the flour into the cookie dough.  And fold he did…never mind that some of the flour fell on the table, chair and floor… hehe.  Then Ethan helped to bring me the chocolate chips and poured them into the mixture (I think that was his favorite part).  And he watched as I scooped tablespoon after tablespoon of cookie mixture on the cookie sheet to bake in the oven.  Okay, he couldn’t resist *testing* a bit of the mixture though…

He then excitedly watched the cookie bake in the oven and exclaimed “WOW” when I took them out to cool on the rack.

I told him we had to wait for a while for it to cool first, because he was impatient to eat them.  He counted the cookies on the rack while waiting.

The verdict?  The cookies tasted not-too-sweet and had a crumbly texture.  Ethan LOVED it!  And when Daddy came home, he told Daddy, “I made cookies!” 🙂

There are no more cookies now.  Should we bake some more next week, or should I devise a new project instead?

  1. Blessed Mom’s avatar

    good job! home made cookies are definitely better than those sold outside.


  2. Audrey’s avatar

    I think you should bake more (from Ethan’s face, its worth it :-D) AND devise new projects… !

    Hey I am able to hide oat bran and fruit&veggie fibre in homemade muffins. After juicing apples and pineapples, just throw the pulp into muffin batter. Ethan is like Rohan; he loves to spoon out stuff onto into trays and he also watches them rise. Don’t you love your kids?

    New projects – the Art Attack books have loads of craft projects in them..!

    By the way, Ethan and Hannah are getting cuter and cuter by the day :-)))



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