Bible Verse of the Day

At the car wash, baby!

When Ethan was much, much younger, we took him once through the automated car wash, and he cried his lungs out.  After that, we only ever washed the car the manual way.

But I recently discovered a couple of automated car wash coupons stashed away, and decided to use them.

So one fine day, I asked Ethan if he would like to accompany me to the car wash.  I explained the whole procedure to him and he was VERY excited about it.

And when we actually drove through it, I guess it did not disappoint him.


He was giggling away when the *uncles* sprayed water and soap on the car.

And he laughed when the bristles of the gigantic brush cleaned our car from top to bottom.

And after the entire process, he exclaimed, “That was so FUN, Mommy!  Our car is SO clean and shiny now!”

I bet he would LOVE washing the car next time! 🙂


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