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Practice Session?


Lately we’ve noticed that Hannah loves to walk around on tiptoe.  Even if she wasn’t reaching up for anything, she would toddle around the house tip-toeing all the way.

Could it be that she’s practising to move around in heels?  So soon??!!!

  1. PB’s avatar

    teehee better start saving up for those ballet lessons!

    Joyce says: Yeah, that day will come sooner than we think!


  2. michelle’s avatar

    My gal also walks like that, tip toe-ing. It is probably inherited because I used to do that. Some Chinese say it is a bad habit, “mm keok tap sat day”

    Joyce says: Inherited? Hmmm…I’m not sure if I used to do that!


  3. rachel’s avatar

    maybe a ballerina in the making?
    did you take up ballet before?

    Joyce says: Maybe…I only did ballet for a while when I was little.


  4. linda tan’s avatar

    her cheeky happy smile so geram….

    Joyce say: wei…pinching not allowed okay? 😛


  5. Bart’s avatar

    Or she’s practicing to start running around, and run, run, run…. *hoah!*

    Joyce says: Actually she IS already running around!



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