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Weddings and Bravery

We received several wedding invites in the recent weeks, some of which Pete decided to go it alone, simply because it would be too tiring for the kids to attend.  However, we did bring the kids to a couple of wedding receptions (brave as we are!); one was a dinner reception of Pete’s nephew, and the other was a buffet luncheon.

Took the opportunity to take a family photo with the view of the sea before the dinner reception started.


Hannah was VERY interested with the candy cane wedding favors we received…

Never mind that I had to pick it up over and over again each time she *dropped* it…as long as she’s happy, yes?

Of course, it certainly helped that we had very *willing* baby sitters at the wedding too…here’s a precious shot of Hannah with Kor Kor (her godma too!) 🙂

And crystal wall hangings are ALWAYS a very good distraction, provided parental supervision is present.

And what about our little energizer bunny, Ethan?  He was busy running around with cousin Jonathan; in and out the banquet hall they went, chasing after each other, hopping here and there.

No wonder he was the first one to knock out…

Not long after, Hannah followed suit…

Oh, and what about the buffet luncheon?  No pictures from that one, cuz both kids were at their most active levels and I had no time to whip out the camera, and before we could even say “Yum Seng”, it was time to go home! LOL

  1. Paik ling’s avatar

    You are VERY brave indeed. I brought Bryan (never the other two) to 2 weddings: one at Westin KL where all I saw was the cocktail area as he refused to go in, another at Fullerton Spore where he bawled like hell when the bride walked in. Conclusion: NO KIDS at weddings for me LOL
    PS: I wanna bite Hannah’s thigh!!!!!!


  2. slavemom’s avatar

    I’m sure my kids r NOT wedding-dinner-frenly. hahaha So hubs usually go alone.
    Merry X’mas to u and your family!


  3. Angeline’s avatar

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family! Have a wonderful new year too!


  4. rachel’s avatar

    Came here to wish you Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.


  5. chanelwong’s avatar

    Bringing kids to wedding is not easy but we still do it a few times…
    Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to you …..

    Hannah is soooo cute….



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