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The Taste of Success

Being an SAHM poses a different set of obstacles to overcome every single day.  Obstacles that the corporate world could never ever train you for, no matter how many learning courses you attend.

Some days, I have had to battle with my (on-the-way-to-independence) toddler on why he has to finish his dinner.  Coaxing him and promising him something he would like *if only* he would finish just a few more spoonfuls.

Some days, I have to sadly throw away most of the porridge I cook for Hannah.  She would take just one mouthful and then subsequently close her eyes and turn away when offered the porridge.

But some days, I taste sweet triumph…just like today.

Ethan, who, for as long as we can remember, will only agree to taking “rice with soy sauce”, asked for rice with FISH and CARROTS today.  And he really ate them.  Hallelujah!


Hannah, finished her entire bowl of rice, oats and millet porridge cooked with chicken, red dates, pumpkin and broccoli…and even asked for SECONDS!

Ahhhh…sweet victory indeed. 🙂

  1. KittyCat’s avatar

    I know how you feel because Lucas is a very fussy eater. He still likes ONLY fish, rice, tau foo but since I introduce (or always included) vege he now accepts that green is part of the meal LOL

    Recently, I discovered that the packaging makes a difference! He hated sweetcorn since forever but when we were waiting for his Dad at the airport, I was feeling hungry and ordered a cup from the super expensive Dairy Fresh.

    Guess what?

    The naughty guy said, “I want jagung! I LOOOOOVE jagung!”

    Yeah, right. I was skeptical but he actually finished 1/2 the cup himself and now asks for it whenever he sees the ‘jagung’ logo 😀

    Recently, he finds that he likes mushroom soup and garlic toast! YIPPEE!!!! We are out of the ‘Chinese food only’ zone hahahaha

    Happy, happy, happy Chinese New Year!

    P/S Is Hannah not sleeping enough? Poor dear seems to have dark circles under her eyes or it’s just the photo…



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