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Football Fun in the Field


Last week, Ethan was literally counting down to the weekend, because we told him we would take him out to play football in the field.  You see, it’s quite hard to experience the Jabulani ball at its fullest potential by merely kicking it around the house, yes?

Even on Friday night, he was already telling me, “Mommy, tomorrow will be Saturday the 24th of July.  I’ll go and play FOOTBALL!”

Yes, he was THAT excited. 🙂

So on Saturday morning (well…actually it was quite LATE in the morning), we packed his ball, his boots and socks and we headed off to the Esplanade field, where Daddy and Ethan could kick some ball.  On the way there, while in the elevator, and in our apartment lobby, Ethan was eagerly telling every Tom, Dick and Harry that he was going to play football.  He even told the apartment cleaning lady!


We got him into his gear when we arrived and he went absolutely crazy!  He really had a lot of fun, running around and screaming GOAL!!!!  everywhere… even though there was no goal post.

A Dutch family, who was in Penang for a vacation, happened to be there too, and coincidentally, the twin boys in that family were Ethan’s age.  So Ethan had two new friends playing football with him.


Just look at the way he kicked the ball!


And here’s how you complain to the referee…”Hey ref!  That was a FOUL!” Ethan said.


We have GOT to get him that makeshift goal.

  1. Zc’s avatar

    I love your kids and i have been following your blogs…
    What a lovely family!


  2. Allan’s avatar

    Woo Hoo! Daddy better send this blog post to the Liverpool scouts! :-p

    Joyce says: Or perhaps Mommy can do it too! 🙂



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