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Little Mister Creativity

Ethan stayed home from school today, because he was still nursing a forceful dry cough.  Didn’t want him spreading those germs around school.

Just so he doesn’t miss out too much, I called up his teacher and asked if I could homeschool him today.  His teacher prepared some activity sheets and I stopped by his school to collect them just now.

After I had explained the first activity (writing and coloring) to Ethan, I left him alone and went about my house chores.  When I came back to check on him a few minutes later, this is what I saw on his chair:


Now I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…he said he wrote his name on it because the chair belongs to him. 😛

..oh by the way, the picture above shows him in the background busy doing some *painting*… 😛

  1. linda tan’s avatar

    isn’t that the naughty chair? 😛



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