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All Chipped Up!


Finally, after weeks and months of collecting the Guardian Disney Cuties stickers, I made it to 60 and qualified for a free redemption of a Disney Cutie soft toy!  Wheeeee!!!!!

I only had about 30+ stickers a few weeks ago, but when Ah Ma and Ah Kong came to visit from Ipoh, I managed to *earn* the rest of the stickers.  Talk about working hard for them! 🙂 Every time I did something good, like when I put away my toys after playing with them, or finished my lunch/dinner really quickly, Ah Ma would whip out her sticker collection and give me one sticker for each good thing I did.  Sometimes I would try to negotiate with Ah Ma to get more stickers too…hehe…

Anyway, last week, Mommy brought me to our favorite Guardian store, and we exchanged the sticker card for Chip!  I had already checked the box next to Chip on the redemption card and the lady in the store gave us Chip in a HUGE box!  For now, I am sharing Chip with Hannah…but I do feel that Chip is lonely without a squirrel friend of his own. 

Hannah and I are hoping to collect enough stickers to redeem Dale before the dateline.  We currently have only TWO…So if you have any extras, please kindly pass them over, yeah? 🙂



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