Bible Verse of the Day

Pasta Perfection


Sometimes it IS rather easy to make kids happy.  Mealtimes are great examples, and one of the easiest, fail-proof recipe I use for my kids is PASTA.  My kids love pasta in any shape and size.  The colorful varieties just add to the excitement of it all.

The beauty of this traditional favorite meal is, of course, its simplicity in preparation.  I only need to stir-fry some onions, add some minced meat (if I’m more hardworking, I’ll make meatballs instead), then pour in a can of tomato purée, and then add enough pasta sauce.  Then I’d ask the kids which kind of pasta they want.  Giving them that choice makes it that much more fun 🙂

And although it can sometimes get a tad messy, we all enjoy the great taste and balanced meal (carbs, vegetables and protein all in one) and the fun that comes with it!



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