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I’m Gonna Let It Shine!


Just to have a little bit of fun during the Lantern Festival night this year, I took the kids down to our condo’s swimming pool area for a night walk with their lanterns.  Both Ethan and Hannah received lanterns from Ah Ma from Ipoh, and these lanterns were battery-operated.  Ethan had insisted that I bring along and hold the paper lantern he had made in school too (pictured above), because that one required a tea light candle and he was afraid he would accidentally burn the lantern.


It was a just a very simple walk round the pool area, but despite that the kids enjoyed themselves.  I had expected more kids to be around but it was just us.


Stayed for a while in the area, enjoying the cool night air…up until Hannah started poking her whole leg in the water!


We’ll be back next time!  Could you see the joy on the kids’ faces even in the dim light? 🙂

  1. Argentinadog’s avatar

    Nice shots! What settings did you use for those night shots, sis?

    Joyce says: Thanks bro! 🙂 I used the “Aperture Priority” mode; I think it’s A on a Nikon, no flash and a very low Aperture value 🙂


  2. Argentinadog’s avatar

    You remember the shutter speed or ISO used?..:-?

    Joyce says: ISO 6400 🙂



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