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For the 3rd Year Running

This year marks the 3rd consecutive year in a row that Ethan’s picture has been featured on the Birthday Book on Astro Channel 613, previously Playhouse Disney, but now known as Disney Junior.

However, he did not receive any letter or birthday stickers from Disney Junior informing him of the feature, like he did in previous years.  As such, we were not able to record the feature when it was shown on TV, as we did not know what time slots to wait for.  Instead I managed to record it off the computer, from the Disney Junior site.

The background *accompaniment* you hear is courtesy of Ethan and Hannah…and sorry for the streaming of the video, which was not very smooth.

  1. Joey’s avatar

    Hey, I thought I saw Ethan in Disney Junior’s Birthday Book as well! My boy is a big fan, though I actually prefer the previous version with the song “Once a year, there’s a very special day…”

    Care to share how you submit the photo and information for this?

    Joyce says: Oh did you? 🙂 Well, this new version comes with lyrics for the kids to follow to and sing. I have no preference over which song I prefer 🙂 As for submission, here is the FAQ I referred to:
    Let me know if your E’s picture get’s chosen!


  2. Joey’s avatar

    Oh noooo…I missed the deadline. Next year then 🙂

    Joyce says: Yes, there’s always next year.



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