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Lego Crazy

Now who doesn’t like Legos?  Kids and adults alike, at whatever age, love to play with Legos, and I honestly believe that a set of Legos is the best toy any kid can own.  It helps to stimulate creative minds and is never rigid, given its endless building opportunities.  What’s more, Legos are never gender-specific.

So Ethan and Hannah was ecstatic when Daddy returned home from US several weeks ago with a Lego set each for each of them.  Ethan has been “upgraded” to the smaller and more intricate Legos whilst Hannah got the Lego Duplo set.  And oh, both sets were equally fascinating!

In just less than a day, Ethan managed to finished constructing this house…complete with a drink shack and a Lego man holding a cup!

Hannah had her fun with her Cinderella and Prince Charming’s castle, complete with beautiful turrets, blankets and a dining table set!

Ethan took it a few steps further a few days later by building a more advanced version of a Lego house!  “Construction” was delayed for a few days because two of the small Lego pieces got stuck fast together and I had to google and figure out the best way to tear them apart. 🙂

Here’s the final product…sans the palm tree though: A beautiful 2-storey beach house!  Great work, Ethan!

It even includes a sun roof/air well that can be opened and closed as preferred.

Don’t you just LOVE the detailing on these Lego sets?

Here’s looking forward to more Lego creations from my little miracles! 🙂

  1. Argentinadog’s avatar

    NICE!!! Aren’t the kids pushing you to take them to Legoland yet? 😛

    Joyce says: Not anymore…I told them how HOT it would be. LOL



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