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My Little Boy’s Graduation Ceremony

Last Saturday, we attended Ethan’s Graduation Ceremony.  It marked the end of his pre-school journey and signifies the beginning of another exciting one.

In a simple ceremony held in his school, it was truly a joy to see so many happy faces, although it rained heavily sometime in the middle of it all.  Doesn’t my boy look handsome? 😀

Unfortunately though, little Hannah drifted off into dreamland right before the event proper started.  We tried to wake her up but our efforts were futile; she continued sleeping despite the fact that it was hot and a lot of mosquitoes were flying around.

After a short performance by the graduands, the graduating certificate was presented to each of them individually.

The whole ceremony was simple but meaningful at the same time, perhaps Ethan felt a little bit emotional too, just like I did. 😛

There was a mini garden party after that, and while saying our goodbyes, I had to fight back tears (because I’m emotional like that).

Happy Graduation, Ethan Boy!
We are all so very proud of you!


  1. chanelwong’s avatar

    Congrats to Ethan….
    Joyce, when u see him wearing his primary uniform,u will tear up. I was during JL time

    Joyce says: I can imagine, Chanel. Thanks for your kind words.


  2. Patrina’s avatar

    Every graduation is meaningful…looking up at your kid on the stage is always the proudest feeling we hold as we see how far our kid achived. The next year will be another challenge for them, they will fall,tumble,cry and face many obstacles along the way, but they will slowly but sure grow stronger. We see them grow year by year…cherish every moment, all the best and stay well.

    Joyce says: You say it so well, Patrina. I’m sure you have had your fair share of “graduations”, and yes I fully agree that every single experience they face will definitely make them a stronger and better person. Take care xxx



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