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Ethan’s Penny Timeline Project

Ethan completed a very interesting project for school last week.  He’s learning all about timelines in school now, and he has been telling us the biographies of the people he has been learning about as part of his timeline study.

So as part of his homework, he was asked to complete his own timeline.  The interesting part was that it was a Penny Timeline project.

We had to hunt and collect pennies for each year since he was born, so all in all, 8 pennies from 2006 till 2013.  In addition, we printed a photo for each year in the timeline.  Blogging certainly came in handy here.  Ethan and I looked through my blog for events and pictures. 🙂

It was like a scavenger hunt for the past few weeks, and in the last few days before the project was due, we were asking almost every store we went to, if they had a particular year’s penny we were missing.

Anyway, we finally got ALL the pennies and Ethan was none the happier.  I helped him assemble the poster board pieces together in an accordion style and he stuck all the photos and pennies and wrote the event by himself.

He presented his timeline in front of his class last week, and I could tell he was so proud of his work. 🙂


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