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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers
Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

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Emma at 6 Months

Scrap Credits
Natural Glory QP from My Memories
Boxed words Volume 4-Love & Wedding empty tag from Chantal Taake


No up to date measurement as yet, I’m guessing probably around 8 kilos, at least.


No up to date measurement yet too.  Will be taking her to the pediatrician for her 6-month well-child checkup, so we’ll get some measurements then.

Motor Skills

  • Emma can now roll over and roll back again.  She’s getting pretty adept at it too!
  • She will roll and move her body around the bed or across the floor.
  • Sometimes when she is on her tummy, she till attempt to lift her butt up.  Couldn’t resist posting this picture of her in deep slumber, with her butt in the air.  Emma sleeps on her back mostly, but that morning, I caught her in this position!

Communication and Social Skills

  • Emma is babbling a lot, and on several occasions (especially when crying), we have caught her saying, “Mom”, “Mum”, “Mama” or “Ma”. *beams*
  • Will reach out her hands or leans towards me when she wants me to carry her.
  • She can recognize my voice, and will let out a cry when she hears me in the vicinity.
  • Smiles when spoken to.


  • Still can’t wait for her eczema to completely heal.  It’s unbearably itchy at times and she scratches if it is not moisturized.  On countless nights, I have woken up just to apply the moisturizer on her skin so she feels better.
  • Her sucking reflex is pretty strong now, and she loves to grab and suck on anything in sight.  It could be a sign of teething though, but only time will tell.

Food and Feeding

She is 100% on Mommy’s milk.  Will attempt to reach for cups, bottles or plates if they are within her reach.  Methinks that is a sure sign of readiness for solids.


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